Memphis Tigers Baseball

Team List

2018-2019 Memphis Tigers (7-18u)

Select the team name to see the team page. Coaches Bios, Team Pages/Rosters, and Classifications (Colors) for each team are coming soon.

** All Green Teams will be classified as MAJOR.

** All Grey and White teams will be classified as AAA.


         Team Coach
7U Andrew Bowie and Seth McNamee
8U John Perkins and Jason Yarbro
9U- Gray Brian Daniel
9U- White Kennon Vaughan and Barrett Smith
10U- Gray Ben Pennington
10U- White Scotty Yount
11U- Gray Bill Edwards
11U- White Adam Reisinger
12U- Gray Jonathan Pettus
12U- White Ken Ellis
12U- Gold Pete Smith
13U- Gray Michael Crider
13U- Green JP Peeler
13U- Gold Joey Harris
13U- White Jeff Hopkins
14U- Green Jonathan Lyons, Connor Duncan, Clayton Conner
14U- White Derron Moss
15U- Green Kerry Sweeney, Larry Robinson, Tom McHughes
16U-Green Rod Griggs, Chris Stewart
18U Dale Perritt

**14-18u teams listed are only for the Fall as of now. Summer teams will be announced at a later date.