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Player First NamePlayer Last NameGraduation YearHigh School NameCoach/Team
Carter Park 2019 St. George's Independent School 16U-Sweeney
Austin Baskin 2019 Covington High 16U-Sweeney
Christian Delashmit 2019 Covington 16U-Sweeney
Dawson Williams 2019 Ecs 16U-Sweeney
Logan Bland 2019 Olive Branch 16U-Sweeney
Zachary Douglas 2019 Lexington 16U-Sweeney
Luke Seed 2018 McCracken County 17U-Griggs
John Evans 18 Dyer County High School 17U-Griggs
Devin Fox 2019 Magnolia Heights School 16U-Sweeney
Kyle Ginn 2019 Covington 16U-Sweeney
Ty Warmath 2019 Covington High School 16U-Sweeney
Kennth "Lofton" Pigg 2018 Calloway County 17U-Griggs
Evan Crenshaw 2018 Evangelical Christian School 17U-Griggs
Nathan Farmer 2019 Houston High 16U-Sweeney
Talvyn Dean 2018 Senatobia 17U-Griggs
Brock Lomax 2019 Covington High School 16U-Sweeney
Noah Vickers 2018 Milan High School 17U-Griggs
Griffin Miller 2018 Milan HS 17U-Griggs
Tyler Bright 2020 Southaven High School 17U-Griggs
Colin Truitt 18 17U-Griggs

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